Saturday, December 22, 2012

Narcissistic bosses require your attention!


I haven't thought about sound design yet.  I have no dialogue planned.  What should I do?  Bad sound design would probably destroy even the best animation.  Should I just do some wah-wah charlie brown noises for when characters talk?  Elephant noises when they yell?  Should I record my own sounds with my DSLR and sticks of celery?  Piano?

The only part of this animation I hadn't really blocked out was the end.. partly cause I've been jumping around trying to figure out what to do. lol  I've decided that he'll snap out of his laborious day dream and come face to face with the furious narcissistic boss who clearly doesn't have his attention.  He'll try to get him to sign the contract again, and while remembering his day dream.. the protagonist will stand up, cause a ruckus, climb on to the desk, rip his interview suit off, push the statue out the window, and jump out into the wilderness in his underwear.  Freeze frame of him jumping out the window.  End.

I had fun just drawing the background for this guys office. lol  I imagined he just had statues of himself everywhere.

Any critiques of how this animation is done would be welcome.  I'm aware of certain things.. like the timing could be better, the character is definitely not the same shape the whole way through, yatta yatta.. but I figured getting a critique now would be beneficial.

Heres a slightly adjusted scene that I've already posted.  I tried to get the timing better and decided not to make any more block cycles (laziness?).  

Any bloody idea how I should do the sound for this? I have no dialogue in mind. Will it be just grunts and groans, wah wah charlie brown noises? The trumpet noise an elephant makes when a character yells? 

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