Friday, March 30, 2012

In A World Where the Internet Doesn't Exist!

I really want to get this topic out of my head.. and what better way than to show a gopher bashing it's own brains out before buying a scammy cable television package that provides him at max 2 hours of quality content a week?

I think it's kind of ridiculous what people pay for when it comes to cable television.  Sometimes I think that the only reason people buy it is to have something to mindlessly flip through after work while saying "1000 channels and theres nothing on!"

The whole package plan thing requires you pay around 100-200 dollars a month.. or less if they pull you into a contract with a bogus discount. That money doesn't even go to a specific channel or program you enjoy. I read somewhere that ESPN/ESPN HD gets 4 dollars of your bill no matter what.  Meanwhile, say you like the SyFy channel, 21 cents goes to SyFy a month. Your 21 cents doesn't pay for specific programs you enjoy.. and the company is more likely to pay for the cheaper project.. like reality TV.  Lets not even go over what happens when your favorite show goes on a 4 month break after 6 episodes.  Reality shows and winter olympics?  Ugh.

You could support your favorite TV shows more by just paying 2.99 on itunes each week (assuming that apple doesn't take some ridiculous amount of profit from selling the episodes).  And you'd save massively.

At this point with the technology we are capable of it's like these cable/satellite companies are really just scamming everyone. I can't even see a younger adult who understands the internet even intelligently paying for a package plan. It's a waste of your hard earned money.

Gopherk yourself cable/satellite providers.  Lets move on to digital media now.


  1. LOL!!! I love this cartoon!

  2. Nice drawings...