Thursday, March 1, 2012

Environments and doodles.

Working on environment sketches.  I gotta admit, I'm the most unproductive person in the world.. and it feels awful!  I got out of this mode somewhat briefly in January and now I'm right back to it.  I will destroy my desire to waste time! ...but first i'm going to play ME3 multiplayer.

Some things that have helped me get to this point recently:
Practical Light and Color by Jeremy Vickery (Gnomon dvd)
Color Theory:  The Mechanics of Color with Richard Keyes (Gnomon dvd)
Force:  Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators (Figure Drawing book.  EXTREMELY helpful.. two chapters brought my figures to life.
Force:  Character Design from Life Drawing (Second book in the series.. even more amazing.)
This ImagineFX tutorial from Issue #31 on the subject of colour!

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  1. looks great. I like your style. keep on keeping on!