Saturday, February 18, 2012

"I hear Nebraska is nice."

I was in a rut for a few days.  One bad drawing spun out of control and I couldn't draw anything.. until last Sunday when The Walking Dead came back on.  All I can say is that "I hear Nebraska is nice" scene made me want to draw the characters. lol

I attempted to record everything I drew.. but I was having some serious problems with CamStudio.  One file is 2.2gigs but won't play.  One file is 1.2gigs and displays multiple cursors while flashing to black constantly.

What did I do all week aside from skimming the Force books (Force:  Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators;  Force:  Character Design from Life Drawing)?  I read a few comics that I thought were pretty good.  What I like most about most of these is they aren't the typical comic book character style of drawing.  Most of them have their own style.

  1. Blankets is just a story about growing up.
  2. The Walking Dead comics are really good so far too!  They don't spoil the show since the show seems to take new directions and twists.. but the whole time you're hoping the show will meet the gruesome expectations of the comic for that extra shock and understanding of what a world like this does to a human being.
  3. Pride of Baghdad was about some lions that escaped a zoo in the middle east and attempted to survive in a warzone.  
  4. Sky Doll.  Generally I don't like the style of art where characters have obnoxiously big boobs.. but this is set in a cyberpunk-ish world where sex dolls have become sentient and religious miracles are sold off like products and prophets are more like stage performers. 
  5. Transmetropolitan ofcourse. :P

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