Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gesture Drawings Jan 29th/30th/31st.

At some point I felt like I had forgotten everything that I had read from Force:  Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators.. but I think I just needed to lay a few strokes down to remember.  While it's not the best, the guy was actually done without a reference.  There might be flaws with it.. but from memory I think that's pretty good, and from here I'll only get better!  Just got to keep it up!  And I have to read the second Force book Force:  Character Design from Life Drawing too!

I found some amazing resources for figure drawing that I'll link after this picture!

I've been using these free websites and they've been extremely helpful: 
..but I feel like they lack something by being just flat images.  I might not be seeing the actual form of the body.. and I can't move closer to the subject to get a more dynamic angle.. so I was extremely excited when I found these books:  

Virtual Pose is a series of books that also contain quicktime files of models you can rotate 360 degrees by just panning the image. I personally feel like it helps give you a better understanding of form in the human figure when you can see the other angles so easily.. and it's something I was lacking sitting in front of a flat image trying to sculpt the form of the body.  Now all I need is some drastic angles to go with these! (links:  Virtual Pose DuoVirtual Pose 4 (more action/motion poses!)Virtual Pose 3.)

Also found the Art Models series of books/cd-roms full of pictures.  These also provide a 360 degree shot of each pose.  I've only seen Art Models 6, but I'm sure the others are just as good.  These have something Virtual Pose doesn't seem to have.. which is facial expressions and some shots of different angles.

(If your adblock is off I'm leaving some links below to all of the books I've been using lately)

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