Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gesture Drawings, Feb 1st!

Sketching away a toothache.  I think one of the best things I've learned recently is that when you exaggerate the pose you begin to match the energy of the model.. whereas when you attempt to match the model the pose may fall flat.

I'm not great with color.. I need to pick up a book or two on the subject. lol

Again, most of the knowledge I've gotten on Figure Drawing has recently come from the book Force:  Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators.

These particular references came from the book Art Models 6.. The book has 360 degree shots of each pose.. and I find it useful to see form/shape better.  It's not just a flat image when I can kind of rotate the model and see what's going on from other angles.

There are plenty of other free reference sites like Lovecastle, Pixelovely, and  I just found Virtual Pose and Art Models to be pretty damn useful as far as the 360 degree shots go!

(If your adblock is off I'm leaving some links below to all of the books I've been using lately)

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