Saturday, February 4, 2012

Drawing Words & Writing Pictures Study Group?

I'm kind of jumping between books at this point.. but I just got Drawing Words and Writing Pictures in the mail.  The book says it's structured to follow the model of a 15-week college semester course.  (Typically a three to six hour session once a week).. and I love that.  A book that has clear exercises and assignments in it just helps me understand so much quicker.

I've only checked out the first chapter 'Building Blocks'.. and i've only done the first exercise.  Would anyone else be interested in going through this book together?  We could compare our drawings.. etc.  You don't even have to be good.. hell, I started drawing comics this january because I spent so much time sitting on my hands thinking "I'll make an animation/comic when I'm capable of it!" while other artists start out bad and get good from all the experience.

The first exercise was:  Sketch these five moving objects in five separate drawings, each one a single image (not in sequence). 

After that, you're suppose to compare different versions of each object drawn by your colleagues and  figure out which ones were most successful at conveying movement.  Figure out which aren't working and why.. then make a list of each technique used to imply motion.

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  1. Uh, hi! I checked out this book at the library. I suck at comics, but I'm very interested in them. I can't draw much more than stick figures, but I wouldn't mind going through the book with you. You can reach me at
    I just started looking for some kind of partner to work with on this. I know that it's been, like, three months since you made this post, but, hey. Thought I'd at least make the offer.