Sunday, January 22, 2012

Making Comics by Scott McCloud

Reading Making Comics by Scott McCloud.  At the end of the first chapter there are a few exercises to do.  "Dog eat dog, dog burps, dog figure skates" is one of the options for the third exercise.  This is what I originally pictured in my head.. lol

If your adblock is off I'll leave a quick link to Making Comics by Scott McCloud. .  Everyone has been recommending this book to me.

I also attempted exercise #1: Choice of Moment in which you had to split your favorite movie into 16 frames.. gotta admit, this was kind of difficult. lol  I decided not to sketch it all out because it would've taken too long.  First I had over 30.. but I got there eventually.  Does it retain enough information to tell the story?

Heres 16:

Also said to try and drop that down to 8..

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  1. I remembered the story of David and Goliath upon reading this comic strip. Most big dogs are gentle giants. It's the small ones that you should be careful about. One time, in this dog boarding Long Island, a small dog ran after a passer by while the big Labrador sat quietly.