Sunday, January 22, 2012

Making Comics Exercise #5 - Choice of Frame!

Gonna need some help with this exercise from the book Making Comics by Scott McCloud.

Sketch a 16-panel grid on a piece of typing paper with a simple standing figure in the first panel.  Ask a friend to decide what your character should do in panel two.  Draw the suggestion and consider whether it was necessary to change the viewing angle.   If your character encounters an elephant, do you have to pull back?  If he she clips a toenail, do you have to pull in?  Do any of the suggestions require a tilt or rotation of viewing angle?  Do any require a change of elevation?  Repeat until the page is filled!

EDIT:  I kind of like the lineart more than I do the colored version.. so it's going on top! lol

Easy linkage to Scott McCloud's Making Comics on Amazon below (If your adblock is off).  So far it's been worth it, and everyone always recommends his books to me.

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